About Mark

Hello, I’m Mark!

I’m Brighton & Hove based, with roots firmly in the north, who just loves to take and share photographs, work on social media and has a passion for parkrun and sport in general!

Although I’m based in Hove (Actually) and have been for thirteen years, I was born and raised in the industrial town of Trafford Park in Manchester. The arrival of digital photography was a blessing to me since, as a child, I would frequently get funny looks from my parents when photos would return from processing of things that looked interesting at the time to me, but not what they considered worthwhile spending £3.50 on!

I love to take pictures, and though I love sunsets , sunrises, sporting shots and candids, I have no set criteria.  I love having a camera with me, capturing  whatever life throws at me. When I’m not behind a lens, I’m usually drinking coffee or running. When I master doing them both at the same time, I’ll be happy! I’m always looking for something different and original in my photos. That doesn’t mean of course I ignore the traditional as anyone whom looks at my Flickr account will tell you! Looking to add new areas to my work including transport and life in general!

I’m out there on social media, chatting, sharing photos and talking running and parkrun. I manage a number of accounts – so you never know! We may have chatted before!